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We provide the most important operational KPIs in retail

On the most advanced collaboration platform in the market

Improve your execution in the trade!

Work more closely with your field team with clear and continuous communication

Stay one step ahead of the competition!

Understand market dynamics and find the best opportunities for your brands

Turn all your stores into "The Perfect Store"!

Measure your Point of Sale execution according to the criteria you establish

Take your products where they need to be!

Find out which are, how they are, and where the Points of Sale in the country are

From analysis to action,

all within the same platform

At AisleInsight, we take care of gathering and organizing the data relevant to your business in an objective, transparent, and timely manner, presenting it in real time on the only platform that combines analytics and collaboration so that your strategies translate into measurable results as soon as possible.


It helps you create dashboards adapted to the needs of your business, which automatically update each time the information in the tool is updated



It allows you to make virtual visits to stores and visual inspection of gondolas as soon as photographs are taken by our field team

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It shows you the timeline of everything happening around your work team where you can stay up to date on messages, tasks, report publications, and automatic alerts about shelf incidents


I robot that becomes part of your team, supporting you with automatic alerts about shelf incidents like obstructions, stockouts, etc., while processing images collected in the field and turning them into useful data for your business.

AisleInsight is the choice of leaders


More reliable information, faster.

Analyze everything the consumer sees in the trade and act before your competition!


You will have 100% census information, without errors associated with projections or estimates

The data comes to you in real time thanks to our Artificial Intelligence software + people, so you can change the now, not just plan for the future


From analysis to action, within the same platform

Turn your plans and strategies into measurable results with precise and timely communication!

We offer you the most complete catalog of KPIs on trade execution so that you can develop deeper analyses and generate more powerful strategies

Communicate these strategies to your team within the same platform, guide them with information and support them to meet their objectives


A service that pays for itself many times over with the benefits it generates

Invest in a service that pays for itself with its own benefits!


We support you so you can reduce Stock-Out levels, adjust the Share of Market/Share of Shelf relation, improve the implementation of promotions, optimize planograms, and increase the productivity of your teams

We estimate that, with the benefits that can be achieved with the service of AisleInsight, it can pay for itself between 10x-20x the cost of the same


Will I have support from the AisleInsight team for the implementation of the tool?

Count on us 😃!

Our team of experts will support you so you can get the most out of the service, at the time of implementation and continuously.

Will I be able to analyze the performance of my competitors' products, or just my products?

Of course 💯!

At AisleInsight, we gather information on the entire category, so you will see information about your performance and that of the competition.

How often is the information updated?

The information is updated the moment the photographer captures the image, while data is updated at the end of the calendar month.

Is it possible to customize data visualizations?

Of course 😎!

Our templates give you the possibility to visualize the data in the way you want, taking into account your input to continue developing the tool and addressing your needs.

Do I need to purchase a license for each member of my team?

No need! By purchasing the license for your company, you will have access for as many members as you need.

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Where are we present?

We have a presence in the major cities of the following countries:


Are You Part Of The Retail Industry?

If you are a brand, distributor, have a store, or participate in the retail chain, this is the service for you. Schedule your DEMO and discover a new world of information created with your business needs in mind!

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